Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Victorian Rum Diary

It has been a historic, and eventful, trip to British Columbia's sleepy capitol Victoria for this half of the Whisky and Wings team (the other busy depleting Puerto Vallarta's tequila supply).

To kick off this adventure we ignited our BBQ experience with some of the finest limestone water filtered bourbon from Kentucky: 12 year old Elijah Craig. This fierce firewater came from none other than Rael Katz, another whisky enthusiast who knows a how to separate the drams from the dregs.

In Rael's words: "
I found the bottle of 12yr old Elijah Craig in Seattle several weeks ago. I am well aware of the limited selection of Bourbons we have in Canada and knew I should take advantage of my stay in Seattle.

Initially what attracted me to the Bourbon was the bottle and it's eloquent look. I also wanted a bottle that was fairly reasonably priced and Elijah Craig was just this. At approximately $30USD (which is a great price for a Canadian!) EC was a smooth and very flavourful glass of Bourbon.

Call it personal biases or not but the drink went down mch better with a few rocks in the bottom of the glass. But even neat, this is a fine drink.
As most drinks go, the 18yr old batch is said to be slightly better than their 12yr old batch, but this claim is still to be tested by our team of experts. Until then, stick with the 12yr old bottle and you won't regret it!"

The weekend continued with a tour and sip of the my grandfather's extensive liquor collection which included a bottle of Old St. Andrews Whisky, a few bottles of stored and sweet Atholl Brose Whiskly Liquor from Scotland (specialty ordered) and the fiery and foreign to the majority of Generation Y: 1970 Newfoundland Screech!

Finally, the whisky weekend concluded with a delicious rootbeer and bourbon from the new Clay Pigeon in Victoria. This incredibly delicious beverage was made with home made root beer syrup and perfected with some Woodford Reserve. Right at the corner of Blanshard and Broughton, this new New Orleans style cafe is the perfect place for a quick sip and ideal for a dinner date.

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