Monday, April 16, 2012

Exclusive ! The Best Wings in Mexico

Upon entering Wings Army in Guadalajara Mexico, one is hit with possibly the best atmospheric fusion a wing lover could want: army decorations, imported beer and psychedelic music from the 60's. Heck, the decor seems so authentic that it doesn't take much imagination to think that perhaps Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando would have shaken hands here if it were downtown Saigon.

Beginning with the decor, the lamps are made of army helmets while the ceiling is essentially a very large parachute stretched above them. Full-size army figures stand menacingly with their loaded guns amidst camouflage netting and real army equipment.

The wings are delicious. They have a variety that will meet the taste of nearly anyone. We ordered three flavours on our particular expedition: Bomba, Xplosion and Barbecue Hot. These wings were amazing! They were extra crispy and perfectly sauced.

There was an impressive selection of imported beers ranging from Cuba to Belgium. For those of you who want to eat the best wings in Mexico along side amazing imported beer and the best tracks of The Doors, this place is for you! For more reviews follow our blog @

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