Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mystery Whisky of Caesarea

"Labels" generally have a negative connotation attached to them. We tell ourselves not to judge books by the cover yet we always, and usually negatively, seem make snap assumptions at first sight.

A great study at the University of Bordeaux had students who were majoring in Oenology (the study of wine tasting and making) taste two wines: a red and a white. The "red" was the same white wine just with added food coloring. Despite this, the students vividly described the "berries and various tannins" that they tasted in the red. Who said "labels" are only found OUTSIDE of the bottle?

The label on this particular Whisky found in Caesarea, Israel, was its pristine crystal decanter and the rumor that it hailed from the UK and was over 20 years old.

It was delicious. The sensory exploration prior to sipping was nearly as exciting as the first dram.

Whisky tasters are known as "nosers" as a Whisky is almost entirely evaluated by the sense of smell before being sipped.

The color was somewhere between burnished and deep copper.

Swishing the Whisky around the glass produced medium tears on the side of the glass indicating a mid level (40-45%) alcohol percentage.

It lacked the musky barber-shop smell that I usually find off-putting when I uncork a special mystery bottle.

Rather, it was floral scented and had a distinctive grassy aroma with a subtle hint of sage which is characteristic of Lowland Malts .

The taste lived up to its scent with the sweet taste buds at the tip of my tongue activated with the smooth flavor of this mystery Whisky.

Life IS better without labels.