Thursday, April 19, 2012

China and India: Culinary Forces for the Wing Win!

An absolutely delicious chicken wing is the product of careful culinary calculation. When the taste is as good as it gets, the wing experience is enhanced when an interesting story feeds the mind while the crispy flavor explosion seduces your taste buds.

The story? Two of the worlds most populated cultures (widely covered on our blog) colliding and colluding to produce a delicious chicken wing.

This is the case with the incredible Garlic Chili wings at the Green Lettuce Indian Style Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver.

The Theory of Verges states that: creativity is unleashed at points where multiple cultures converge. Creativity, in the sense of culinary brilliance, is unleashed at this Indian Chinese fusion restaurant in the same capacity as the energy released at the of a Saturn V rocket's initial earth-rattling blast off.

Located at Victoria and Kingsway in the heartland of delicious and competitive Vietnamese Restaurants, Green Lettuce has stood out since 1999. Where else can you eat General Tao Chicken while snacking on the perfect pakora?

These wings are adorned with just enough chili to wake up your tastebuds without completely unloading a full Bombay of napalm. They come swimming in a Yellow Sea of diced garlic that makes this dish so tasty, you will be left eating the savory morsels of garlic and chili as you await your main dish-we HIGHLY recommend the tangerine beef!

The three thumbs up on the menu represent our three senses that were wowed as we sampled these heavenly wings: taste, smell and feel as we crunched our way their fantastic finale.

$5.75 for a half dozen, and just as the menu proclaims: the taste will have us coming back!

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