Friday, April 6, 2012

Infuse Your Easter Egg Hunt With Whisky

You have spent the entire morning out in the back yard hiding eggs. Your socks are damp from the dew, your arm is scratched from that annoying tree branch that you have been meaning to saw off for years and the din of the neighborhood kids running and screaming around you is making your skin crawl.

You, and the other parents deserve a treat. Why not sexy up your center piece with some delicious whisky filled chocolates? Put some excitement in that boring metal Ikea bowl that sits at the center of your hallowed dining room table that costed a fortune, lacks purpose and does little more than collect dust.

If you do not have time to stock up on Old Stock flavored chocolates before Easter Sunday, you can pair your preffered chocolate with your staple whisky using these helpful tips from Stuart Robson the blog editor at who shares his insight at .

He argues that the high Cocoa percentage of the chocolate does not necessarily indicate how high quality the chocolate is, just as the label 'single malt' will not necessarily indicate an amazing whisky.

Stuart notes that just like whisky, chocolate is made out of minimal ingredients that produce so much soul, flavor and aromas.

A tasting guide from the article is below, and will help you decide the perfect post Easter Egg Combination.

  • Take the whisky on the palette, moving it around the mouth for awhile to let the flavours build.
  • Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a very small piece of chocolate on the tongue. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Whisky as they come together.
  • Towards the end of the melt, take a little of the whisky back over the chocolate. This leads to greater intensity and often the development of some interesting and unexpected flavours.
  • Enjoy the finish as you normally would, only this time you will see some interesting variations in the profile of the whisky.

Our current favorite pair is: Johnny Walker Black Label followed by a 55% Camino Dark Chocolate Bar (Kosher and Fair Trade for a dose of ethical deliciousness!)

What is your ideal pairing?

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