Monday, April 9, 2012

Top Shelf Treats and Trailer Trash Eats (Instagram and Facebook)

With online news buzzing and bleeping with the recent news that INSTAGRAM has been bought by FACE BOOK, we thought that it would be important to throw our own dram into the opinionated mix.

Instagram is a popular image editing application that was originally made only for iPhone users but went on to open to Androiders as well. An interesting note is that two of the most popular photo editing applications, Instagram and Picnic have been bought by social networks (Facebook, and Google), all of our photos clearly need to be collected and categorized.

After reading about INSTAGRAM user's negative reactions to this merger, we thought that it may be interesting to point out the company that owns some of our favorite whiskies,  Diageo, previously owned the low brow likes of Burger King and Pillsbury!

While there was no doubt that some of the more pretentious Mac's and O's in the highlands were somewhat put off by the correlation of their top shelf treats and trailer park eats, there is little doubt that being owned by such a popular company helped spread the goodness and invest into the nectar that is these whiskies.

At the end of the day, Facebook IS where many of us who do not use iPhones first learnt of Instagram and can now connect, share, comment and like in an arena that many have already been.

At the end of the day, Instagram IS a social network, why not make it more social? If not, go use photoshop and lock yourself in your basement!

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