Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ground Control to Major Dram (Whisky in Space)

Wow! Whisky in space!

In recent times, we have not only see drinks progress horizontally and mate with odd partners (Red Bull and Jaegermeister) but also vertically as the non-alcoholic luxury drink Ruwa fetches a tidy $5.5 million in the UAE.

In October, a drink took off (literally) that, haram aside, even the most chic Sheik could not imagine: Whisky matured in outer space!

As we speak, this delicious Arbeg scotch is maturing in the International Space Station (ISS) nearly 250 mils above us.

This whisky was taxied aboard a Russian unmanned cargo rocket.

This whisky is being tested not only to see how the molecules and flavors work, but this research may also lead to exciting new advances in the perfume industry as well.

This is the kind of Scottish Science we want to get into!

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  1. Betcha Elton John's rocket man would have loved this!