Friday, September 21, 2012

You Don't Know Jack...5 Jack Daniel's Facts

Jack Daniels... that distinctive sour mash whisky that some swear by and many have sworn off after imbibing way too much of this distinctive Tennessee firewater.

We all have some policy of how to serve Jack: with ice, with peppermint schnapps (DELICIOUS "Jack Frost"), apple schapps, with ice, with water, by itself or just avoiding it all together.

What are come cool facts behind that revered black bottle that has become an icon for both frat parties, bachelor parties and bourbon experts?

Here are 5 cool Jack Daniel's facts:

1. Moore County, where Jack Daniel's whisky is made, is a dry county which means you cannot drink or buy the famous whisky that is bottled in this part of Tennessee!

2. Jack Daniel's real name is Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel and he is thought to have began distilling whisky at the age of 20.

3. Since he had no children, he gave the distillery to his favorite nephew Lem Motlow.

4. Jack Daniel's died in 1911 due to an infection in his toe which was caused by kicking his safe because he forgot the pass code.

5. His last words were "One last drink, please."

What is YOUR favorite Jack Daniel story?


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